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The Elements of Elegance

ELEGANCE Vodka represents a luxury drinking experience. Every element of this experience has been crafted for your gratification. From our bespoke packaging, our innovative yet disruptive brand, to our craft small batch vodka, we have designed this experience to take you on a journey of ELEGANCE with every sip.


Brand Positioning

With all Ultra luxury elements exclusive and unique to our brand, Elegance Vodka redefines a brand new ULTRA LUXURY market segment for Vodka. With a retail price point of $99/bottle, a cost well within the reach of many millions in our target market our Elegance Vodka offers a luxury lifestyle focused experience with a “WOW” factor. We have positioned Elegance Vodka as a world first ULTRA LUXURY VODKA brand available to the masses, a term we call “MASSTIGE” prestige for the masses.


11x Distilled

Water, of course, is a primary component of vodka, and so the quality of the water is critical. Because Australia is such a vast continent and its population just a fraction of that of the U.S., the purest water is found there. Elegance is distilled eleven times and blended with pristine charcoal‐filtered Australian water, resulting in a very special taste that is the essence of luxury.


Bespoke Package

As befits a liquor made with such care, Elegance is presented in an exquisite Hand‐blown Glass Bottle of distinctive design, custom tooled and manufactured. Reflecting the image of a fine cut diamond, this bespoke bottle sits in a custom‐made gold electro‐plated base stand, with LED lights.

Super Premium is in

An elegant line, an elegant solution, an elegant design are all about imparting feeling, emotion, and meaning in a way that is brilliant in its seeming effortlessness. Elegance has been conceived to take its place in the highest reaches of the Super Premium class of Vodkas. It is, in fact, as executed, an Ultra Premium.

Deep Eddy

Deep Eddy vodka was major news made headlines when it sold in 2015 for $400 million, just five years later the company’s launch by its young founder.


The Casamigos super premium brand, founded by George Clooney and two friends, was bought by Diageo in June of 2017 for $1 billion, just a few years after its introduction.

Patron Tequila

The Patron Tequila brand was bought by Bacardi, the largest private spirits business in the world, for $5.1 Billion in 2018.


The Rewards of Elegance

The Elegance team has done this before. They are doing it again ‐‐ they zeroed in on the opportunity in vodka early, and they have the contacts needed for a fast start and fast growth of Elegance.

Excellent Business

The super premium category has emerged as an especially excellent business — reaching $33B in the $641B global spirits market

Limited Competition

Competitors in the super premium category fall into a wide range of price points starting at around $30/bottle up to as much as $300, though sales at that price are relatvely small in volume.

Vodka Trending

Vodka is the latest to move up into the super premium category with total sales of $2.6B, up 11.4% over last year.

Attractive Price

Elegance will be sold at a price point of $99/bottle. While high in the main sector of the super premium category, it is a cost that is within the reach of our target markets and demographics is a core component of the positioning.

Vodka Offers the Single Biggest Market Opportunity

“According to the Distilled Spirits Council, it [vodka] accounts for nearly a third of the industry's sales ‐‐ by far the most widely‐consumed liquor in the United States.”

“Liquor... is one of the few product categories that has grown sales notably ahead of inflation over the past four years... reflecting both underlying demand and the power to hike prices.

“to cater to a more health‐conscious, discerning, premium‐conscious audience by using high quality ingredients, higher‐end, luxury bespoke packaging, and pricing the product at a luxury price point.”


Our People & Partners

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Raj Beri
Chief Executive Officer
Sahil Beri
Chief Technology Officer
Kelly Smith
Chief Revenue Officer
Elizabeth Cardillo
Chief Marketing Officer
Nicholas Ventura
VP of Biz Dev

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