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Trailblazing the next big trend – Hemp CBD Energy Drinks.

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Elegance Brands, Inc.

Elegance Brands Inc is a global beverage company that develops, markets and distributes products with a focus on innovation. In addition to its flagship brand, Gorilla Hemp Energy Drink, Elegance Brands offers a range of hemp and CBD infused beverages, plus super-premium spirits.


Gorilla Hemp Energy Drink

Launching in June 2020, Gorilla Hemp is trailblazing the next big trend in energy drinks. Our proprietary formulation is powered by nature, combining quality ingredients that boost physical stamina and mental alertness with the wellness effects of 20mg of hemp CBD, for a balanced experience that will optimize performance throughout the day.


The Power of Nature

Gorilla Hemp harnesses the best ingredients nature has to offer to provide maximum energy and improve mental health. Guarana, green coffee caffine, and B vitamins provide a stimulating effect, while ginseng and gingko biloba improve brain function with their antioxidant properties. The addition of high-quality hemp CBD isolate gives balance to the blend, and helps speed recovery times with its anti-inflammatory qualities.


The Next Big Energy Drink

This unique product is positioned at the convergence of two huge market trends that resonate with the powerful millennial and Gen Z demographics. The energy drink category is large and still growing, with the opportunity for brands to differentiate with new functional offerings. The buzzworthy CBD-infused beverage space is one of the most talked about categories to come online since the dot com era. Gorilla Hemp is one of the only products on the market that is poised to capitalize on both opportunities.

Super Premium Spirits

Elegance Vodka

Elegance Vodka represents a luxury drinking experience. Every element of this experience has been crafted for your gratification. From our bespoke packaging, our innovative yet disruptive brand, to our craft small batch vodka, we have designed this experience to take you on a journey of Elegance with every sip. Available now in select locations, a nationwide launch and global distribution strategy will kick-off in June 2020.

Energy drinks are in

Red Bull may have put energy drinks on the map, but the demand is rising for new products in a fast-growing category estimated to be worth $84B in the next 5 years[1]. Challenger brands are gaining traction through the use of functional ingredients and innovative formulations that set them apart from the competition.


This century's best-performing US stock isn't Apple, Google, or Amazon – it's Monster Beverage. The energy drink’s stock price has rocketed 60,000% since its public debut in 2003, surpassing all other stocks in the S&P 500[2].

Red Bull

Listed as one of the World’s Most Valuable Brands by Forbes, Red Bull gave birth the to energy drink movement in 1987. Still privately held today, analysts estimate it to be worth $9.9B, with global sales of over 6 billion units each year.

Rock Star

Rockstar burst onto the scene in 2001, and just ten years later had 14% of the US energy drink market. Now distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide, the brand delivers over $900 million in sales annually.


The Rewards of Innovation

The Elegance Brands team has a successful track record of identifying consumer trends early on and delivering disruptive products to market quickly. Always at the forefront of innovation, they have the manufacturing excellence, distribution network, and marketing prowess needed to deliver meteoric growth in shareholder value.

Excellent Business

The global energy drinks sector is estimated to be worth $84B in the next 5 years.

Limited Competition

Category growth is driven by products that introduce new ingredients and innovative formulations. A notable energy drink combined with Hemp CBD does not exist currently.

CBD Trending

Hemp CBD beverages is a booming new category to watch, estimated to reach $1.4B in the US alone in the next 5 years.

Attractive Margins

In-house global manufacturing and a strong network of packaging partners lead to low cost of goods, high margins, and more profits to pass on to shareholders.

Energy Drinks Offer an Unprecedented Market Opportunity

“...over the next decade, trends indicate that energy drinks will continue growing as millennials and Hispanics comprise a larger share of the American population.”

“The rise of Red Bull and Monster is such that the energy drink category now legitimately rivals our old-fashioned caffeine delivery system—coffee."

“The global energy drinks market size is anticipated to reach USD $84.70 billion by 2026”



Take a look at our core management below.

Raj Beri
Founder, CEO, & Chairman
Sahil Beri
Chief Technology Officer
Ram Venkat
Chief Financial Officer
Allison Luvera
Chief Marketing Officer
Chris Alfieri
Chief Revenue Officer

Our Team

Adam Perry
VP of Sales and Distribution
Andy Larocca
VP of Distribution Strategy
Megan Marcinko
Director of Marketing
Max Tave
Director of Key Accounts

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